Imagination comic strips so far…now its over to you!


A little Imagination: Tales of Parenting June Competition

There’s still time to tell us those little creative things you do in your day that encourage imaginative play with your little one as well as make your life easier!

Tweet or Facebook message us @StarcatchersUK or email and you could have your creative moment presented as your very own comic strip!

We believe that creativity is one of the best parenting tools you can have – shared creative experiences support healthy attachment, reduces stress, helps language development, literacy and numeracy and so much more! Creative moments help you feel good about being a parent, because they can turn a battle ground into a playground.

1 Getting Dressed

2 Going up the stairs

3 Trying food 4 Clearing the table

5 Brushing teeth

6 Tidying Up

7 Getting From A to B


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