Creative Contributions #shareideas

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut with the same old activities but feel determined to engage the children you work with in a variety of creative approaches then don’t panic!

We want to share some inspiration from our Creative Skills programme which has been running since 2013 working across 10 local authorities in 2015/16 and two colleges.  The Creative Skills artists and staff have been blogging about the programme as well as thinking about some creative tips to inspire others to put Arts and Creativity at the heart of their settings.

You can access all of the blogs through the links below:

  • Brian Hartley (Visual Artist):”Exploring photography, using cameras as expressive and creative tools, children are more and more confident in technology, how we can learn from childrens’ ways of seeing the world, different ages learning and sharing opportunities together, giving children more choice in how their images are represented.”
  • Maria Giergel (Trainee Associate Artist): “Rachel suggested giving a child a moment to be heard within a song. All of these things help to give children the message that they are listened to, that things have the potential to change because of their input.”
  • Bethany Whiteside (Creative Skills Coordinator) recalls some ideas for your nursery from her Creative Skills experiences:”One nursery in South Lanarkshire now has, and is using, a vast selection of photos taken by their children from child’s height…An Aberdeen practitioner used Rachel’s ‘Little Princess’ song as the setting’s new ‘toothbrushing’ song. Now all the children want to make sure that their teeth are clean and sparkly for the Little Princess…A college lecturer taking part in the Fife programme recreated one of Brian’s exercises for her HNC Early Education & Childcare students using scrunched up paper and mobile phones to explore new angles of photography – the students were absolutely immersed in the activity proving that creativity really is for all.”
  • Charlotte Allan (Drama Artist): Playing her story game, Charlotte reiterates there are no ways to get it wrong. Each person adds more detail to the story “and that becomes a gift for the next person, who gets to add more”. Have a read of some more of Charlottes experiences and creative ideas to get the imagination going!

Maybe you’ve just had a go at something creative in your nursery that was really successful with your children and staff and would be worth sharing with others?  As part of Arts from the Start 2016 we would love to use this blog as a place to share those experiences, successes, failures and creative tips – so please do let us know!

Please leave a comment/contribution at the end of this blog. Or if you prefer, you can also interact with the campaign on social media using the hashtag #AFTS16 

You can find out more ideas on the Creative Skills blog

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